Video Your Swing

How it works

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    We setup a front facing camera

    This is the widest angle so we set framing with a Driver or longest club to be used.

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    We setup a rear facing camera

    This is a narrower angle so we want to frame to an equal size for front facing camera.

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    We setup two target cameras for zoomed in and zoomed out angles.

    We use one of these cameras to first introduce the golfer and note their handicap if any, the clubs to be used and any key swing thoughts or comments you want added to their intro section of the video. You may also want a close up shot of their current grip at address for future reference. After the 2 minute introduction is complete, we determine the first target to be used and zoom the first camera to frame the target and zoom the second camera to frame wide view of target.

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    We then start all cameras for the ~13 minute recording

    The cameras shut off after approximately 12.5 to 13 minutes so it is important to maintain your routine but also to be productive if you want to get through a series of clubs in that time frame. As you switch clubs you will note the new target distance so we can re-position the target cameras and zoom to frame the landing tight and wide. Here it is important that we stay relatively straight to our original target so the rear and front facing cameras maintain their proper positioning so they accurately show the key positions in the final synced and processed video.

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    The cameras shut off and filming is complete

    We then compile the comments and process the videos where we have the introduction then create the side by side front and rear camera angles where we then overlay the target camera angles. We can cut to either of the two landing angles to show the results of each swing. We then cut back to the swing angles for the next shot and so on for the duration of the video. How many shots are relative to the pre-shot routines and time taken between shots. Usually 25 to 35 shots. Once all the post processing is complete we then create or add to your personal web page and upload the video to the server.

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    Your swing video is processed and uploaded to the web

    We contact you with the link to view the video on the web which is a full HD video and generally plays extremely well, even on a cellular connection. There is usually a slight delay as the streaming video starts in standard definition and buffers into full HD for the remaining time, pending any connection challenges. What is great about playing on the web is you can hold the shift key and use the arrow left and right keys to advance or reverse the video frame by frame to see specific positions throughout the entire golf swing. If downloaded, QuickTime player will allow frame by frame review as well. Shooting at 60 frames per second we can usually get very close to impact on both camera angles at the same time but there is always a possibility of a slight variance and you cannot edit or move less that one frame at a time.

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    Now you have a bench mark to reference for any future work that you want to compare to

    Any future videos will be sequencially added to your web page so you can view them individually or open two browsers and view them side by side. In addition, all videos are available for download to keep for your personal use on any tv or other device. Other players may or may not give you the option to hold the shift key or have an option to step through the video frame by frame. You can of course play and pause but not quite as effective.

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    Usually you realize some things that felt real but weren't and are now able to work on those things to continually refine and improve your golf swing.

    As you do, you will want to note these improvements by periodically adding to your swing video portfolio. As they say, if you practice the wrong things, you won’t get better so our hope is that this service helps you practice the right things and makes the game of golf even more enjoyable.

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    The price is $50

    There is alot that goes into the filming of these videos but even more goes in to the post processing in order to provide the key points introduction, front and rear camera angles in addition to the third camera angle cutting to the target landing areas. We also note the clubs and number the swings for your reference. So for around the price of one lesson or a dozen Pro V1’s, this service can provide a visual perspective to validate what you do or do not feel in your golf swing. Seeing might also add value to the lessons, practice time and expense we invest in to play this great game of golf. I know for me, it’s much more fun when I’m not working so hard on mechanics and more focused on the course and the shot making aspects of the game. We hope these videos serve you well to lower that handicap and have more fun. Best of luck.

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